Reg 44 Inspections

121 Social Care provide a comprehensive monthly Independent Reg 44 Inspection Service to Children’s Residential Homes, this service  is compliant with Regulation 44 requirements outlined in The Children’s Home Regulations 2001 and amendments implemented in 2011.

121 Social Care are a pioneering company in providing Reg 44 Inspections on an independent level, as one the first independent suppliers of Regulation 44 Inspections 121 Social Care have been offering this service for over a year prior to the recent legislation making this a requirement for all Ofsted regulated provisions.  With this in mind 121 Social Care can offer your provision experience and a wealth of knowledge in the care sector.

121 Social Care provide totally impartial and independent inspectors from a range of health and social care backgrounds providing not just an inspector but an additional support function for your provision, assisting in service development by providing a regular independent perspective on the suitability of any Ofsted registered provision. This can include advice and recommendations on best practice, management, meeting requirements or general improvements. We pride ourselves on our discretion and professionalism fitting in seamlessly to your environment.    

121 Social Care focuses on the quality of care and the ability to meet the needs of the young people looked after. The inspection visit will look at how home/unit operates on a daily basis as well as how needs are identified and met, all of which will be measured against the National Minimum Standards for children's homes and children’s home regulations.  Any areas of development will be discussed with staff where appropriate to do so and reported together with recommendations for improvement. Good practice is always, encouraged, praised, acknowledged and shared.

121 Social Care can provide an unannounced site visit. Staff, children and young people will be spoken to and a visual inspection of the building and surrounding environment carried out. A comprehensive report will be produced following detailed criteria (please see “summary of criteria”).

Any issues or difficulties in relation to any of these documents as well as any matters raised by young people or staff will be included in each report where appropriate to do so with recommendations and advice offered. 121 Social Care can take responsibility if required to circulate Regulation 44 reports to responsible managers for looked after children, corporate carers and Ofsted.

Summary of Criteria for Regulation 44 Inspections.

Quality of care

  • Young person’s interviews
  • Staff interview
  • Parents and relatives views and evidence of view on the home
  • Social workers IRO other professionals views on the home
  • Physical condition of the home
  • Complaints


  • RPI and consequences
  • Absences MFC
  • Risk management plans
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Bullying
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour / notification of events
  • Visitors

Outcomes for young people

  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Medication and medical treatment
  • Education

Leadership & Management

  • Supervisions, Appraisals management checks
  • Staff meetings
  • Rosters/ rotas
  • Drills, tests and equipment
  • Homes daily log and diary events

Equality & Diversity  

  • Plans
  • Living spaces

Review of deals from Last inspection

Installation & health and safety checks